May 2016 - Beverley Redman Elected a Life Member.

On the recommendation of the Board, Beverley Redman was elected as a Life Member of the Society. Beverley has actively supported the Society for over 20 years managing car attendant rostering, catering, souvenirs and many other roles. We congratulate Beverly on her election.

May 2016 - Secretary Bryan Hicks Retires.

After 18 years a Society Secretary, Bryan Hicks has decided the time had come to announce his retirement. Michael "Mick" Walsh was elected to fill the Secretary's position. Bryan will still remain an active member of the Board and continue as a regular travelling fitter on Society trains. We extend our thanks and congratulations to Bryan for his long service to the Society.

May 2015 - Annual General Meeting.

The Society's Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday, 7 May 2016. The President thanked retiring Board members for their contribution during the past year, and the line managers presented their regular reports. This was the second election of the Board under the new constitution, where five of the members retired in rotation and were eligible for re-election. Following the AGM, the Board met and elected the Office-bearers for the ensuing year. The elected Board for 2016-2017 is:


Arthur Burgess

Vice President:

Rodney Short


Michael Walsh


John Redman

Asst. Sectry/Treas:

Cheryl Davies

Board Members:

Bruce Agland

Bryan Hicks

Eric Larkins

Stafford Payne

Beverley Redman

Spencer Ross

April 2016 - HPC 402 Used For Ballast Survey.

HPC 402 found another role, this time to facilitate a survey of the ballast condition of ARTC's Hunter Valley heavy haul network. The work was carried out for Railtrak and Zetica plc (UK). 402 was fitted with various items of ground penetrating radar, lasers and video cameras for the survey. The survey covered the Ulan Line to Gulgong, the Northwest branch to Narrabri as well as all of the main lines and portions of the Port Waratah and Kooragang branches.

April 2016 - Hunter Valley Steamfest 30th Anniversary.

CPH 1 and 7 provided our usual shuttle services between Maitland and Paterson for this year's Steamfest. NPF 621 and NTC 721 provided two excursions each day to Saxonvale Junction due to the size of the event. Excellent passenger numbers were again carried on all trips, showing another further improvement over the previous year's event.

March 2016 - Operations on the South Maitland Railway.

After years of trying, the Society was finally able to run trains on the South Maitland Railway. An initial crew orientation trip was run on 13 March followed by our first revenue service on 19 March for Maitland Palliative Care.

January 2016 - East Coast Low Pressure System.

The forecast East Coast Low on January 5 provided Paterson Depot's drainage system with another severe test. Fortunately for us, the advanced warning from the Bureau of Meteorology enabled our drains and grates to be cleared of any debris and local flooding on the site was minimal. No property damage was incurred as a result of the weather system.

December 2015 - Volunteer of the Year Awards.

The Society's annual Volunteer of the Year Awards were presented at the Christmas function held at Club Macquarie on Sunday, 13 December. These awards recognise the tremendous efforts made by our volunteer workforce during the current year. The awards were voted on by the volunteers themselves and they represent true recognition of their efforts by their peers. The recipients were:

  • 2015 Winner: Rodney Short
  • 2015 Runner Up: Bruce Kingsford
  • 2015 Encouragement Award: Bruce Gehrig

39 members and their partners enjoyed an excellent Christmas lunch and thanks go to Bev Redman for again organising the event and to Club Macquarie for providing the venue and an excellent meal.

November 2015 - HPC 402 Radio Testing.

HPC 402 has again ventured out to perform radio testing. This time 402 was used to test the interfaces for the new RailCorp Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) and the adjoining networks. The interfaces tested included Islington, Macarthur, Unanderra, Kiama and Bowenfels. The testing was to verify the changeover between the ICE system and DTRS.

September 2015 - CPH's and 620 in the Metro.

CPH 1, 3 and 7 travelled to Sydney to provide the Australian Railway Historical Society (NSW Division) Triangles Tour on Saturday 12 September. The trio traversed all sides of the Metropolitan Triangles except for Chullora (due to track work). Sister units NPF 621 and NTC 721 were off to the races, conveying a local group to Rosehill Racecourse for the racing carnival on Saturday, 26 September.

August 2015 - HPC 402 Maintenance.

After some 15 years since returning to Society service, HPC 402 has received some major maintenance to its roof mounted radiator system. The entire system was removed in eight sections and sent to Maitland Radiator Service for attention. The sections were thoroughly cleaned and damaged elements were repaired or replaced as required. New high temperature seals were fitted in place of the old rubber seals. The roof mounted header tank was also sent away for remedial attention. After reinstallation the system was satisfactorily tested. Further work on 402 has included the replacement of all wooden windows and the fitting of a new kitchen. With the assistance of a donation from ARHS (NSW Division) a PA system will be installed in the near future.

July 2015 - Cleanup of Depot Completed.

The final remnants of the April storm damage to our Depot have been collected and removed. Members have poured a concrete slab and erected the replacement garden shed to house our grounds maintenance equipment. Following the cleanup activities, a number of other areas of minor damage have been identified and these are currently being addressed by our volunteers. It is interesting to note here the distinct lack of support from the government for the not-for-profit sector (other than sporting bodies) in the wake of the April deluge. We maintain the largest collection of State heritage-listed rail motors in NSW and as a result of the storms, much needed funds for maintenance and restoration of those assets have had to be expended on cleanup activities.

June 2015 - Cleanup of our Depot.

The cleanup of storm damage to our Depot at Paterson has continued. Fortunately our building insurance covered the major cost items requiring attention. The damage bill was in excess of $6,000 and the Society is grateful to our insurer GIO for their prompt and courteous attention to our claim. Major items undertaken by contractors were the restoration of power services, removal of the large tree that brought down the power lines and replacement garden shed for our grounds equipment. There were, however, a number of fallen trees that were not covered by insurance and these were removed by members.


  • Jan 2015 - Coffs Harbour Shuttles.
  • Apr 2015 - Annual General Meeting.
  • Apr 2015 - Hunter Valley Steamfest.
  • May 2015 - East Coast Storms.
  • May 2015 - Shed Extension Completed.


  • Mar 2014 - Annual General Meeting.
  • Apr 2014 - HPC 402 to Binnaway.
  • Apr 2014 - CPH 3 returns to service.
  • May 2014 - Denman Food and Wine Festival.
  • Jun 2014 - ARHS North West Long Weekend Tour.
  • Jul 2014 - Gloucester "Chill Out" Festival.
  • Aug 2014 - Wauchope-Coffs Harbour 2015 Rail Centenary.
  • Aug 2014 - Two Gulgong Outings.
  • Nov 2014 - 402 Club Ventures into Victoria.
  • Dec 2014 - Volunteer of the Year Awards.


  • Jan 2013 - Vale Kenneth Alfred Butt (1932-2013).
  • Feb 2013 - Kiama storm washes out ARHS Nowra Tour.
  • Mar 2013 - HPC 402 returns to service.
  • Mar 2013 - First Victorian Operations.
  • Mar 2013 - Annual General Meeting.
  • Jun 2013 - ARHS South West Tour.
  • Jun 2013 - Nyngan 130th Anniversary.
  • Jul 2013 - Gloucester Chill out Festival.
  • Aug 2013 - Denman's 10th Annual Outing.
  • Sep 2013 - Rescue Helicopter Support Group to Hawkesbury River.
  • Sep 2013 - Local Travel Agent's Tour to Gulgong.
  • Oct 2013 - ARTC Inspection Tour with HPC 402.
  • Oct 2013 - 402 Club West and South West Tour.
  • Nov 2013 - ARE West and South West Tour.
  • Dec 2013 - Volunteer of the Year Awards.


  • Feb 2012 - Drainage works at Paterson.
  • Mar 2012 - Annual General Meeting.
  • Mar 2012 - Society Volunteer of the Year Awards.
  • Jun 2012 - ARHS and 621/721 travel to Brisbane.
  • Aug 2012 - Roof Covering for the TAM and BR.
  • Aug 2012 - NPF 621 receives new engine and transmission.
  • Aug 2012 - Victorian Accreditation Granted.
  • Oct 2012 - ARTC Executives Inspect the SSFL and Main South.
  • Dec 2012 - Volunteer of the Year Awards.


  • Feb 2011 - Society supports Dungog Shire efforts for new GP.
  • Feb 2011 - North Coast Curve Easing Survey.
  • Feb 2011 - Depot Flooded Again.
  • Mar 2011 - Annual General Meeting.
  • Apr 2011 - ARTC Inspects New Routes.
  • May 2011 - 621/721 travels to Roma Street.
  • Jun 2011 - 621/721 travels to Broken Hill.
  • Jul 2011 - CPH 3 completes successful main line trial.
  • Aug 2011 - Society helps Hastings Cancer Trust fundraiser.
  • Aug 2011 - Society helps Dungog celebrate its rail centenary.
  • Sep 2011 - ARTC Southern Inspection.
  • Oct 2011 - Society takes Victorian Group to Cobar.
  • Dec 2011 - Society members receive NSW Rail Heritage Volunteer Awards.
  • Dec 2011 - Society takes delivery of Front-end Loader.


  • Jan 2010 - 621/721 heads out in new paint scheme.
  • Mar 2010 - CPH's make first run into Queensland.
  • Apr 2010 - Hunter Valley Steamfest.
  • Apr 2010 - Annual General Meeting.
  • May 2010 - Society Book Collection Catalogued.
  • Jun 2010 - Society Member wins Rail Heritage Volunteer Award.
  • Jul 2010 - Restoration of Rail Motor Trailer No.51.
  • Oct 2010 - Murrurundi Locomotive Depot Reunion.
  • Oct 2010 - Dunedoo Railway Centenary.
  • Dec 2010 - Taree 620 Launch.


  • Mar 2009 - Annual General Meeting.
  • Apr 2009 - Society receives Heritage Grant for Trailer No.51.
  • Jul 2009 - Society Members win annual Rail Heritage Volunteer Awards.
  • Sep 2009 - The Rail Motor Society celebrates 25th Anniversary.


  • Jan 2008 - Storm Damage Repaired
  • Mar 2008 - Annual General Meeting
  • Apr 2008 - Heavy Rain Limits Steamfest Crowds
  • Apr 2008 - Heavy Rain Causes More Yard Damage
  • Jun 2008 - HPC 402 carries out radio testing on the Epping-Chatswood Rail Link
  • Jul 2008 - Society Teams win Rail Heritage Volunteer Awards
  • Aug 2008 - Site Drainage Stage I Completed
  • Sep 2008 - Society awarded custody of RailCorp's heritage 620 Class Set
  • Oct 2008 - HPC 402 receives a new paint job
  • Nov 2008 - Society receives reciprocal accreditation in Queensland

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